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My name is Andy Landen and I'm trying to live your dream.

I have a new web series called ONE NIGHT MAN.

It’s written by and stars Will Weldon. Also featuring the hilarious Allyn Rachel and Jessica Jardine. 

Take a look. It’s five minutes. Hopefully you find it funny.

Many more to come… I promise. 

"DO WHATEVER" — The first of three episodes in a comedy web series I directed and co-wrote for Subway (yes, the sandwich people) with my friends Alice Mathias and Giles Andrew

At the very least, watch it for the cast: Barry Rothbart, Chris Dotson, Marian Mathias and DC Pierson in the third episode (my personal favorite episode).  They’re great.  

Watch all three on YouTube, on My Damn Channel’s… channel. 

- andy


What’s wrong with these pictures?  (answer: water costs more than colored soda! wtf?)

ryan mcginley. 

ryan mcginley. 

MUSIC VIDEO:  ”The Leaving Song” by Haroula Rose

I shot this video for my good friend and amazing singer/songwriter Haroula Rose. Directed by the multi-talented Joselito Seldera.  Super 8mm shot by Dave Lee. 

You can download her new album “These Open Roads” from iTunes. 


Carried in the Whale.  This is a small feature I wrote and directed, with my friend Brian Brown, for $3000 back in the summer of 2008.  Many lessons learned. 

If you’ve got seventy-two minutes, take a look. 

- Andy